Exciting news!

The 2018 Farm Bill has been signed into law yesterday, with wide-reaching ramifications for the hemp and CBD industries – some encouraging, some that remind us it will take time before CBD is truly accepted into the mainstream.

Below is a link to an article (behind a free 7-day trial registration wall) that’s a useful primer on the implications of the Farm Bill, with some notable quotes below. 


…one of the primary achievements of the 2018 farm bill is the attempt to address the uncertainties left open by the 2014 farm bill…by creating a clear regulatory structure for the commercial development and legal protection of hemp and hemp-based CBD.

…the bill specifically amends the CSA to provide that the legal term “marihuana” explicitly “does not include hemp” as defined by the farm bill. As a result, the legal definition of hemp and hemp-based CBD and its distinction from marijuana should now be clear…

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