Multi-Condition Registry

Primary physician-reported outcomes measures include a simple 7-point clinical response scale and open-ended CBD-attributable adverse events occurrence, with secondary outcomes measurement being net reductions in baseline treatments amount CBD responders.

To register as a real-world evidence provider, enroll at In return for your prospective assessment of patient response, you will receive compensation per each multi-condition disease registry patient outcomes assessment form received, up to six (6) evaluations per year, for patients taking FormularyCBD products alone or in combination with other treatments; simply complete and return the FormularyCBD outcomes form after at least 6-8 weeks of continuous CBD patient use:

As a real-world evidence provider, you will have access to the network treatment outcomes database, the consolidation of FormularyCBD patient starter and renewal forms. This data can be used by all network parties to better educate and advocate for CBD claims submission reimbursement. For Workers’ Comp and Disability Insurance, FormularyCBD directly pursues reimbursement on behalf of your patients and medical staff.

The Adherent Wellness CBD formulary is strictly limited to products that are rigorously verified by independent labs to ensure they meet our clinical standards for purity and potency. Our independent lab-verified CBD products are only available with a formulary service request from a licensed medical professional, shipped directly to each patient’s home.